2417 is an immersive and interactive experience that transports audiences of all ages to the 1970s offices of Atlantis Labs.  Guests discover abandoned offices with secret passages, portals to experimental worlds, and an expansive narrative amidst bizarre, mesmerizing art exhibits. Located in Boise, Idaho, 2417 also features an illusion and science themed gift shop.  

Choose from one of three different experiences!


The most challenging experience: a puzzler's paradise where enigmas, codes, and ciphers abound! Can you uncover every clue and escape the lab?

*Does not include access to narrative elements.


Become a narrative sleuth and unlock the mysteries of Atlantis Labs! Learn about the lives of the scientists and staff through various videos, documents, and personal belongings. What really happened here?

*Does not include access to puzzle elements.



Unconcerned with puzzles and stories? Here's your chance to enjoy Atlantis Labs for what it is: a truly phenomenal piece of immersive art. Enjoy exploring the abandoned facility without the need to worry about taking notes.

*Does not include access to puzzle OR narrative.

2417 is part of the Gem Center for the Arts, where you'll also find art and dance studios, art galleries, a black box theatre, and the Lounge at the End of the Universe.


Gem Center for the Arts

2417 Bank Dr,

Boise, ID 83705


  • Thursday and Friday 6PM-10PM (last entry 9PM)

  • Saturday 1PM-10PM  (last entry 9PM)



  • $20 Adults, $10 Ages 4-9

  • $10 Investment Experience (All Ages)

  • Children 3 and under enjoy free admission